The Art & Craft of Nests

Zora Verona Nest Sculpture

“Birds more than any other animals, may serve as bonds between man and nature.” ~ Frank Chapman , Handbook of Birds, Eastern N. America, 1896

As I prepare for my upcoming exhibition, the Art & Craft of Nests at the City Library, as part of Craft Contemporary 2022 and National Bird Week, I am seeking to explore this bond, how might a bridge be suspended between our species?

Ancient Threads

Ancient threads, horse hair, sisal and needle

Threads do bind all human cultures, for we have all shared the art of making string.

As I thread my needle as a bird would his beak, I reflect on the binding thread choices of birds echoing those used by humans spanning cultures and centuries. From plant fibre filaments to horse hair, we both orchestrate a symphony of strings together to resonate into the textiles that serve us.