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Zora Verona creating nest sculptures in her home studio.
Expanding Horizons

As countless hours of research, experimentation and process goes into each one of my nest sculptures, I dreamed of discovering a way that they could fly further.

If my efforts could migrate beyond the confines of the sculptures, then the nests and their stories might inspire more hearts and minds globally to fall in love with nature and our birdlife. If we connect and understand, learn to value and love our natural world, then I am optimistic that we will take action. We will be inspired to make changes. Be they humble or grand, every change we embrace will help us to protect our planet for the future.

With all this in mind I am thrilled to introduce some new horizons I am exploring so that my nest sculptures  can be enjoyed by more people, right around the globe and in refreshingly different ways. From fashion and homewares, to greeting cards and prints (coming soon) and the opportunity to offer your support if you value what I do – all of these avenues will  help me to fly further as an artist and writer.

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Fashion, Homewares & More...

In the wise words of John Muir, ‘beauty is as important as bread’  so I hope you will find something beautiful  within my new collaboration with Redbubble to offer sustenance to the soul. 

Artists and ethics are at the heart of the Redbubble marketplace. They not only empower artists and foster self-expression, they do so in socially responsible ways. In choosing to extend my artworks onto a range of fashion, homewares, stationary and much more, it was very important to me that I collaborated with a local organisation that shared my values. From carbon neutrality to social responsibility, Redbubble also requires all printers and manufacturers to ensure safe working conditions, minimise environmental impact and treat their employees with respect and dignity. 95% of the Redbubble Marketplace items originate within the same region from which they are ordered, yet do note that some will be shipped from overseas, so higher shipping fees will apply to those items.  

Every one of my Zora Verona products will be printed on demand, so everything you choose will be made just for you. Please reach out if there are other designs or products that you were interested in. I would also love to hear your stories, your experience with Redbubble and if your new thing sparked curiosity and conversations about our birdlife and the natural world.  

For the love of our natural world, please do shop responsibly. 

Photographic Art Greeting Cards

In collaboration with my partner John Christie we have designed a selection of 15 photographic art greetings cards showcasing the beauty of our local birdlife and a selection of my nest sculptures inspired by natural history collections from around the world. 

We have proudly chosen to work with local printer and supplier, Print Together and Envelope Solutions to create cards that are in line with our social, economic and environmental sustainability ideals.  All cards and envelopes are designed and printed on fully recycled, locally made paper products.

Choose from individual bird or nest sculpture designs, at $6.50 for an individual card or enjoy a selection, with any combination available for $30. 

Shipping is available worldwide at applicable rates, as well as local pick-up and delivery. 

Please reach out if there is another design or card style (Christmas, invitations weddings etc.) that you are interested in. All images are also available on request as prints. 


Flying Further

My heartfelt gratitude to all who love and value my work. Your support of my journey as an artist and writer means the world to me.

Recognising that not everyone is in a position to welcome a nest sculpture into their lives and in shopping consciously you may not need another ‘new thing’, no matter how beautiful. Yet you might still welcome an avenue to support my endeavours.  In giving a gift to help me fly further, I can continue this labour of love, to create works that inspire an understanding that every bird species is worthy of our wonder, awe and most importantly our protection.

While ‘buying a coffee’ for an artist is a worthy choice, I pledge that every gift, regardless of the amount, will go directly towards my work as an artist and writer. From furthering my research and study, to creating and exhibiting, with your help I  can do even more raise awareness, inspiring others to love the natural world as we do.

In giving a gift, you can also leave message, share with me what areas of my work inspire you most. I would love to hear from you! 

*Please note receipts are not tax deductible

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See the world with a
birds eye view…

See the world with a birds eye view…

Come fly with me as I explore the world of birds, the art of nests and the fascinating stories of our wonderful avian treasures. Join with me on these flights of discovery to receive news of my latest new works, behind the scenes insights and previews of upcoming exhibitions.